One of the Best Campaigns of All Time

7 Oct

When you are taking in a sight that you want to last forever whether it be a landscape, a perfect night with you friends, your wedding day, or your child’s first steps, what the first phrase that comes to mind?

One of the best marketing strategies of all time had to come from Kodak. They released a series of commercials in 1995 pairing the coined phrase “A Kodak Moment” to the action of taking and keeping pictures. Their brand became more than just a film company, but transcended into a idea that their company allows for the best memories to be persevered. This mindset has become a staple in our society. People now refer every timeless moment as a “Kodak Moment”. Regardless of what company supplies the film to save such memory, everyone will forever associate positive memories with the Kodak company.

Weaving itself into American culture? When it comes to brands, it doesn’t get much better than that!



Check out the revolutionary ad for yourself!


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