Has This Ever Crossed Your Mind??

8 Oct

If you are headed toward the dessert section of your nearest buffet what would you call this item?


How about this?


Many people would probably say that it’s Jell-O and although the majority of people would commonly agree with that answer they would be wrong. This item is actually gelatin! The brand name is Jell-O.

This synonymous pairing of the dessert gelatin to the company of Jell-O is expansive. If you google the word Jello like I did to find the pictures above, you will find more pictures than if you google the world gelatin. That’s because the Jell-O company has done such an outstanding job of distinguishing themselves as a brand, people associate a whole category of dessert to their brand. Even though the Jell-O company has expanded their line to incorporate other desserts as well, consumers will never disassociate the brand with gelatin (not that Jell-O would want them too).

American kids and adults won’t look at a picture of gelatin and think of Royal Gelatin, Fruit-O-Jell, or Easy Jell, Jell-O’s actual competitors and because of such the Jell-O company continues to dominate the gelatin field.



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