What’s Love Got To Do With It?

5 Nov

This week is #africanweek hosted by The African Youth League (AYL) here at The Ohio State University and I’ve been anticipating their first event for some time now! AYL partnered with the men of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated, Kappa chapter, to present the campus with “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” which sparked discussion on what loves means to college students in the African American and African community. (These ideals might not always match up.) They portrayed this in an interesting way by pairing popular topics with popular songs.

As I’m reflecting on my time at the event, I can definitely tell you I absorbed the information in two different ways. The hopeless romantic in me took it very differently from the strategic communicator in me. Part of me just deciphered through everything that was said to find ounces of hope of finding long lasting love in our generation. Can you guess what side that was? LOL But the strategic communicator in me barely notices those characteristics. The strategic communicator in my focused on what the music said about love to a generation that is admittedly “still figuring things out.” Music holds a major impact on the way my generation interprets the world as a whole. It concerns me that the “popular” music that was presented shows too much value on physical characteristics, money, and most of all promiscuity. It barely touched on actual love, marriage, having a genuine connection with someone and the family values that previous generations relied on. Because of such, we are left with a divide in my generation that either

  1. No longer sees the values of love that were important to previous generations


     2. Wants such values but see them as impossible to attain in this day of age.

These are the two groups that people at the event could place themselves into once they boiled down their arguments. We must ask ourselves why is this? Why is the music industry advertising in such ways? The answer is that their brand/ image relies on these things because our generation is supporting and buying things of this nature, which only reaffirms everything we’ve been listening too. Is this cause my generation really believes what is being advertised though?

Part of the reason why I loved this event so much was because it worked so hard to make people think about what they are listening too. It sparked some great discussion and made several people question their values in comparison to the songs they listened too. Not only did people leave with a better understanding of what love means to our community, but also a better grasp of what the music industry is telling them to think. Overall, It was a very successful, very well executed event.

So I am leaving you with the question they left me with, “What are you values on love and are they reflected in the music you listen too?”


Don’t believe I had a good time at this event? Here are some of my tweets from last night. Judge for yourself


For more information about the exciting events AYL will be putting on for the rest of the week visit their website here.


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